Slumlords may be on notice currently, but the same goes for illegal tenants. The NY Times has a feature today about landlords hiring private investigators to root out and uncover illegal subletters (deja vu!). Investigators say that their business has picked up in the past year as landlords and building owners hope to root out rent-stabilized tenants not living in the apartments and then eventually charge more money to a market rate tenant.

Private investigators from the firm J.T. Mullen—owner Joseph Mullen and vice president Shane Williams—invited the Times on a stakeout of an anonymous building—which had a "parade of slovenly dressed 20-something's"—and the pair shared some anecdotes. "[Mullen] investigated a Baxter Street building where all of the residents had the same Social Security number. Mr. Williams chimed in about a building where the illegal tenant listed his apartment under the name O. B. Juan KNobi."

Also, "At some buildings, the superintendent can be talked into wedging a match into a locked apartment door to see how many days or weeks it takes to fall out" and it's good when a super takes out the trash early because it gives them a chance to look at discarded bills. Apparently "slovenly dressed 20-something's" may not shred their bills.