Last year we (and much of the internet) wondered if it was legal to have a "private" bike rack on a public sidewalk. The answer, according to the Department of Transportation, was a resounding no. And yet a rack in front of 211 East Fourth Street remained bolted to the ground, claiming to be just that. But this week all that finally changed. The rack is now gone, baby, gone.

Earlier this week East Village Local ran a story about a man whose bike was allegedly stolen from the notorious rack—whose "owner" has never come forward publicly. And today, they note, the rack is gone. But the how and exactly why it went *poof* now are still unclear.

The DOT has yet to get back to us (or The Local) to say if they were the ones to remove the rack. But if they were? They totally can charge the "owner" for their time. And if they weren't? We thank you, random person willing to unbolt a rack from the city streets! The dark era of the private East Village bike rack is finally over. Good riddance! Now, DOT, shouldn't CitiBike be starting, like, yesterday?