In what doesn't seem like the brightest idea in urban planning, a Staten Island prison may be located too close to a facility where combatants pay a fee to simulate wartime conditions and chase each other around while shooting guns at one another—paintball guns that is. Now a prisoner at Arthur Kill Correctional Facility is suing the paintball facility for $3 million after he claims one splattery orange bullet sailed out of the paintball complex, over the wall of the prison and nailed him in the face while he was playing basketball. A medical report says that Steve McMillan's left eye was swollen and he complained of blurred vision, that "his hands, face and clothes were splattered with orange paint although none, apparently, was in his eye." But the owner of the paintball center told the SI Advance, "My gut instinct is it sounds like a fraudulent case. I don't think the [paint]balls can go that far." The paper also reports his claims that "the paintball fields are encased in woods, while the prison basketball court doesn't abut the fence alongside his center."