An unidentified man who was taken into police custody for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend was found hanging dead in his cell just before midnight last night. Police at the 90th precinct on Union Avenue in Williamsburg say he used the drawstring from his shorts to hang himself. According to Yeshiva News, numerous NYPD officials are one the scene, along with the NYPD Crime Scene Unit, the NYC Medical Examiner, and many media outlets are outside the station house awaiting more information. At this point, police will only say that the prisoner was a black male, age 47. But the Post nabbed a quote from one of his distraught relatives:

"I don't understand why he would do something like this, he has four children. I know for a fact he would never do anything like this to himself," said the unidentified sibling. "I cried after I heard the news and I came here what exactly what happened [sic] to my brother."