The man who managed to escape from NYC's Finest yesterday has now been captured. PHEW. The NY Post reports that José Rodriguez stole an NYPD cruiser and drove it five miles only using his knees, as he was in handcuffs and leg irons. Throughout yesterday afternoon word was coming in that the escaped prisoner had been spotted on the George Washington Bridge, then in New Jersey, then on a bus to New York City... but he was finally found (around 3 a.m.) in Uncasville, Connecticut, where he was taken into custody by the U.S. Marshal's Service... again.

So how did he get away the first time? According to the paper, when cops pulled him over and cuffed him, they left him in the back seat of their car and searched his SUV (which contained a loaded gun). During that time he managed to slip into the driver's seat and make his getaway; a police source said, "It's like this guy is Houdini. He just disappeared."

Rodriguez was in custody regarding a non-fatal shooting that occurred in the Bronx on November 1st; he also has an outstanding DWI warrant, and is on parole for dealing drugs. He now faces a court hearing on fugitive from justice charges.