Nigerian heroin smuggler Rex Eguridu was just trying to be nice by complimenting correction officer Krystal Mack one fateful day back in April 2007, while he was being held at the Queens Private Correctional facility. But instead of a smile, all he got was a humiliating beating from Mack's supervisor for his remark, "Hello, baby. You look beautiful today." Eguridu appeared in Brooklyn Federal Court yesterday to testify against Lt. Marvin Wells, who he says overheard the compliment and proceeded to march him into the bathroom shower, ordered him to strip naked, and punched him three times in the chest and neck. Wells then allegedly forced Eguridu to kneel in front of Mack and apologize; he told a jury yesterday that "[Wells] said if I ever call an officer 'baby' again ... he's going to kill me." Eguridu sustained permanent injuries to his throat after the incident, and, according to the Daily News, received an $80,000 settlement from the GEO Group, which operates the jail under a contract with the U.S. Marshal's Service. Wells is now charged with violating Eguridu's civil rights, while Mack and two other guards are accused of conspiring to cover up the attack.