2008_09_shrink.jpgMagdalena Sanchez, the prison psychologist convicted of having sex with an inmate last year and then lying about it to the Justice Department, was able to walk out of the courthouse yesterday with a mere sentence of probation. Sanchez was arrested last spring for having an affair with reputed Bloods gang member Demetrius Hill who was under her care. She even went so far as to put him on suicide watch so she would have unfettered access to him in an area that had no surveillance cameras. Her husband Josh Spitz, a Lehman Brothers investment banker who must really be having a tough week, was present for the sentencing and had written a letter to the judge asking him to be lenient on his wife. The judge said that Sanchez would not have to perform community service as part of her sentence since she already volunteers in various capacities including at a suicide hotline.