A man who pitched a tent in prison for over two days straight is suing the infirmary nurse for "cruel and uncivilized conduct" because she didn't help his erection go away. Dawud Yaduallah, 43, was doing time for assault at the Downstate Correctional Facility in Fishkill in March 2006 when his daily dosage of Seroquel was boosted by 25 percent. The anti-psychotic medication can cause side-effects such as "persistent and painful erections," and after 14 hours of wood, Yaduallah went to see the nurse, whose name is Judith Lovelace, tee hee. She told him to ice his rod and sent him back to his cell, but that didn't help and the two-day erection (this is where it's not so funny) left him with "severe damage to his penis, including erectile dysfunction, inability to ejaculate and pain during sexual intercourse." His lawyer blames Lovelace, telling the Post, "The medical literature is clear that if you see a doctor within 24 hours, you generally won't have any permanent damage. He didn't see a doctor for over two days." He's since been, uh, fully released from prison, but now his marriage is on the rocks and he needs a prosthesis "to possibly restore some sexual function."