Pringles are delicious and come in a wonderful cylindrical container that can be very good for storing valuables and cats. But one NJ man took things too far when he allegedly tried using his Pringles can for his cocaine!

According to, a Palisades Interstate Parkway police officer stopped a BMW near exit 4 in Alpine because it had tinted windows and unclear plates. The driver, Rasheed Jerimine, allowed the officer to search the car and the cop "found a yellow plastic bag that contained more than 100 small aluminum foil wraps, two digital scales and a Pringles can with a false bottom, police said. When he opened the bottom, [Officer] Peralta found 48 grams of cocaine inside two sandwich bags, police said." FWIW, 48 grams is less than 2 ounces.

Jerimine, a Spring Valley, NY resident, was charged with drug possession and distribution charges. Of course, the charges will probably be dropped when Pringles reveals this was all just an edgy viral marketing stunt.