It's hard out there for a Principal these days. Yesterday a middle school Principal in Orange County was placed on administrative leave after he went the extra mile to invade the home of two students he suspected of playing hooky. And today a Brooklyn elementary school principal has been relieved of duty because he disciplined a student who laughed. Laughing will NOT BE TOLERATED—the Chinese and Indians lead the world in education; do you ever see them even crack a smile? We're sure Principal Jonathan Straughn, of PS 276 in Canarsie, just wanted his students to stay competitive in the global marketplace. Granted, he may have gone a little overboard.

A student was waiting outside Straughn's office with his grandmother and uncle when he allegedly "manhandled" the boy, yanking his arm for laughing outside his office. The Daily News reports that when the uncle asked Principal Straughn if there was a rule forbidding laughing, he replied, "As a matter of fact, there is. Now I know why this kid is the way he is." And this is reportedly the fourth time Straughn's been accused of corporal punishment, which we're pretty sure there is a rule against. The News says he's also been reprimanded for failing to "thoroughly investigate a teacher accused of roughing up a student" and is accused of retaliating against another teacher who cooperated in another corporal punishment probe.

And the plot thickens: The school's assistant Principal, Maizelin Knowlin, was also reportedly removed yesterday, for allegedly sending her children to Brooklyn public schools while living in New Jersey. And investigators tell the Post that Straughn has been charged with a conflict of interest for paying for a room for him and Knowlin on a staff cruise. The nature of their relationship is unclear, but we're pretty sure we Knowlin what happened once the principal wrapped his Straughn arms around his assistant! Meanwhile, PS 276 is left rudderless without a principal, and at press time the school's halls are resounding with cacophonous, anarchic laughter.

These kids better straighten up and fly right, because here's what happens when you get to college. Forget laughing—you can't even yawn!