The former co-owner of Hawaiian Tropic Zone met with the Manhattan DA today to discuss the charges he faces after a late night fight in a Meatpacking District club last week. The fisticuffs made for perfect tabloid fodder because Adam Hock's adversary was none other than the Prince of Monaco. (Also: lingerie models.) There are conflicting accounts of how the fight started, but it reportedly ended with the prince's jaw broken, and a big bruise on Hock's back from a Grey Goose bottle. Although today's meeting with prosecutors was off the record, Hock's attorney was ready to give reporters a mouthful after it ended.

Hock was the only one charged with anything, getting slapped with four counts of assault for allegedly attacking Prince Pierre Casiraghi, 24; Paris Hilton-ex Stavros Niarchos, 26; Diego Marroquin, 33; and Vladimir Restoin Roitfeld. But his lawyer insists the DA has surveillance footage from inside the club, The Double Seven, that shows his client being attacked. "Just because you’re a prince doesn’t mean that you’re immune to being an aggressor," attorney Sal Strazzullo told reporters. "They don’t have the best character or credibility." And BOOM, Hock is practically a patriot for the way he stood up to those lousy entitled aristocrats! We're not history buffs, but wasn't the Revolutionary War basically fought over lingerie models and bottle service?