If you're a registered Democrat or Republican, get your primary shoes out. Here's a list of candidates (PDF), but the shortlist of primaries is:
- Governor: For the Democrats, Attorney General Eliot Spitzer vs. Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi
- Attorney General: For the Democrats, Andrew Cuomo vs. Mark Green
- Senate: For the Democrats, Senator Hillary Clinton vs. Jonathan Tasini; for the Repubilcans, John Spencer vs. Kathlen T. McFarland
- Congress, 11th District in Brooklyn: For Democrats, there are four candidates - City Council member Yvette Clarke, City Council Member David Yassky, Chris Owens, and State Senator Carl Andrews

The hot race is undoubtably the one for the Brooklyn Congressional seat Major Owens is vacating. The Daily Politics has poll numbers that show Yassky leads Clarke 26% to 22%, with Andrews and Owens each at 16% and 20% of voters undecided - which seems to mean it's practically anyone's game. However, Room 8 has a post on why the it should be "Anyone But Carl" - "Let’s start with a clarification. This writer does not hate Carl Andrews. Carl is likeable and pleasant. And so is my cat. But I wouldn’t want my cat to represent me in Congress"

Gotham Gazette has useful links for Primary Day. And tomorrow also happens to be a public meeting for the Atlantic Yards project; Develop Don't Destroy Brooklyn is urging people not to go to the meeting and participate in the electoral process because "The ESDC’s scheduling of a public hearing on primary day is just the latest in a series of insults to the public by the public agency that views itself as Forest City Ratner’s partner."