Primaries for the state assembly and senate seats were held yesterday to low voter turnout. Gothamist wonders if this is due to overall lack of knowledge about who your state assemblyperson or senator is, but we were struck by the NY Times' endorsement write-up yesterday, which was an evisceration of all the legislators running for reelection, criticizing their ineffectualness in Albany: "If there is a primary race in your district, vote against the incumbent. Vote for an opponent, any opponent." Three incumbents did lose, though Major R. Owens in Broolyn did manage to win (criticism directed at him involves him wanting to retire mid-term and have his son take over his seat). Another incumbent, Barry Grodenchik of Queens, lost to Jimmy Meng, a local businessman, who would be the first Asian-American in the State Legislature; there is some debate about Grodenchik and Meng's race, though, involving addresses and "poll officials."

The next election, as you know, is November 2.