On Wednesday a blog called Whispers in the Loggia posted an open letter from New York priests calling for a vote of no confidence in Cardinal Edward Egan, archbishop of New York. The Daily News quickly picked up on the story, as did the Post, and today the Times catches up with the story.

The letter, from a group called A Committee of Concerned Clergy, is unusual in this area not only in that it refers to the relations between NY Priests and the Cardinal as "defined by dishonesty, deception, disinterest and disregard," but also in that it brings normally private strife to the public light ("An anonymous letter of this kind can potentially do great damage to the church,” a spokesmen for Egan told the Times).

In response to the letters concerns Cardinal Egan has called together a meeting for tomorrow morning with his "Priest Council" of about 40 priests. In April Egan turns 75 at which point Canon law requires him to offer his retirement to the Pope. The priests letter calls for Pope Benedict XVI to accept the offer saying that “The search for a new Archbishop should begin sooner rather than later.”

Nun by tobylean via Contribute.