More sordid allegations have emerged from the lawsuit against Rev. Peter Miqueli, the Bronx priest accused of stealing over $1 million from two churches he worked at in order to finance his S&M lifestyle. The NY Post has obtained more emails sent by Tatyana Gudin, the ex-girlfriend of Miqueli's alleged "master" Keith Crist, to the church, including one in which she explained their kinky relationship: "Keith has been Father Miquelis gay, for-pay prostitute," she wrote in an email to Timothy Dolan. "More specifically, Father Miqueli is Keith Crist’s toilet slave."

She helpfully explained exactly what a "toilet slave" is to the Cardinal: "If you don’t know what that means, Cardinal, I will break it down for you...Keith Crist uses Father Miqueli as his toilet, and Father Miqueli drinks his piss during their weekly, 3 day get-togethers when they take off to Father Miquelis house in Brick, NJ, far away from prying eyes."

Among other accusations, Miqueli allegedly bought a $264,000 home in Brick, NJ for himself and Crist using embezzled money from the churches. She gave more specific details about that house, which has a hot tub in the backyard and a statue of the Virgin Mary out front, to the Post:

“Father Miqueli has a full-blown dungeon in the house,” she wrote Dolan. “Master,” she said Miqueli would e-mail Crist. “I cant wait to get to Jersey tonight, so I can drink your piss.”

Gudin told The Post, “All the juicy stuff is what Keith would tell me face to face. We would be laying in bed together and he would say, ‘Tatyana, I have to show you this.’ I would be looking at those e-mails for sport."

“This one is my favorite,” Gudin wrote the cardinal of the following e-mail: “Master, I don’t really like drinking your piss, but I do it bc i know it pleases you.”

Miqueli has been accused by a group of angry parishioners of siphoning off over $1 million since 2003 while leading St. Frances Xavier Cabrini on Roosevelt Island and St. Frances de Chantal in The Bronx. The lawsuit claims that Miqueli skimmed from collection plates, took money that had been donated to fix a church pipe organ, misappropriated funds from a church thrift shop, and more.

Miqueli allegedly used the money to pay for rough sex sessions with Crist, who was named as a co-defendant in the suit. In addition to the home in NJ, Miqueli also allegedly spent over $60,000 for "illicit and prescription drugs" he used with Crist, vacations in Italy and Florida, plus another $1,075.50 a month for Crist's East Harlem apartment. Gudin claims there was plenty of bad behavior at that apartment as well:

“They would party. There would be needles and syringes all over the house,” Gudin said. “There was equipment at the house — dildos, whips, chains and chaps. Keith used it. The priest also used it,” she said.

The sex toys, she said, were all bought by the priest. “This chastity belt was very unique,” she told The Post. “It’s also small, so when ‘it’ grows, you’re in pain. I’m sure the priest buys all the equipment."

The ex-girlfriend also shared with Dolan that Miqueli wanted to have a threesome with her (" I, of course, declined"), and he had a sexual fantasy in which, "Keith [would take him] to Boro Park in Brooklyn, to the Hassidic humiliate him in public, in front of a pretty Jewish girl...When Keith told him I’m [Gudin] Jewish, as you can imagine, Miqueli’s perverted efforts intensified."

Miqueli stepped down from his position at St. Frances de Chantal last weekend. "I have made the decision to step aside from my position as Pastor of this parish while this unfortunate and regrettable situation is investigated," Miqueli wrote in a letter to his congregation. "I look forward to my ultimate vindication, and being able to resume my priestly ministry."

A spokesperson for The Archdiocese of New York told Catholic News Agency that the Church is investigating the accusations: "The Archdiocese has been investigating these allegations for many months, and has repeatedly requested any information or documentation that might substantiate the allegations that have been made," Joseph Zwilling, communications director for the Archdiocese of New York, told CNA in a statement.

"Thus far, no evidence has been offered, and our forensic audit has thus far failed to uncover evidence of embezzlement," he said. "We have been in touch with the District Attorney since the summer, and have promised to turn over anything that might be criminal in nature. We urge anyone with such evidence to do the same."