The wickets of West 9th Street may just be saved after all! After budget cuts led to shorter routes for parades, the Gay Pride Parade had to reroute this year's march down West 9th Street, a residential block that the likes of Uma Thurman and Barbara Bush (for now) call home. Locals were outraged, claiming the crowds would ruin their wickets and trees. And well below wicket-laded street, there are allegedly hollow vaults that used to store the city's coal—another worry was that the sidewalks weren't strong enough to withstand the crowds.

Now word is coming in that their complaints may have been heard—CityRoom reports that the NYPD are considering moving the June 27th parade back to its original route. Council member Christine Quinn spoke with the organizer, Arthur Finn, who said, “It’s very understandable that they’re concerned about their homes. The city is also concerned about police and overtime, so shortening the march is going to help preserve cops and firefighters and teachers. It’ll be a small dent.” The NYPD has not yet confirmed a change back to the old route.

So, anyone know what a wicket is yet? We've just been picturing small garden gnomes, which makes this all way more enjoyable.