Disgraced City Councilman Dan Halloran has somehow become even more disgraced...er...yes, disgraceder than he was just last week. The Post this morning pulled the sheets back on an extra-skeezy affair the former Queens politician, currently facing charges of bribery, allegedly had with Meaghan Mapes, his 21-year-old deputy chief of staff between 2010 and 2011.

Halloran, who at the time was 41-years-old and married, apparently did an admirable job of creeping out his paramour's housemates. “He was constantly around," one roommate told the Post. "It was really annoying. Thank God he never came out with his shirt off.”

The councilman was said to have spent the night at Mapes's basement apartment twice per week, using a side door to slink in and out. The attraction baffled Mapes's roommate, who called him "an a--hole and a creep,” adding that “she would tell us he was the member of some stupid religion.”

Mapes, who at the time was studying politics and government at St. John's University, seemed to have her shit otherwise together. A 2010 profile in the Queens Courier reveals a smart and ambitious woman annoyed with people who failed to take her seriously. “Even now, people look at me like an intern and this has been hard to overcome,” Mapes told the paper. “It’s hard to gain people’s respect after their first initial reaction.”

The profile ends with this: "Mapes said that working with Halloran has also taught her a lot," which comes as no surprise—he's taught us a lot, too. The only question now is whether all the floggings will be finished in time for his trial.