2005_10_4beacons.jpgCurbed has some nice pictures from the opening of the new park down on Water Street overlooking the FDR. The name of the neon structure is the "Beacon of Progress"-- but will probably be better known as "What the hell is that?" by all the tourists walking on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade at night. Trolopism has a nice shot of the view out towards Brooklyn-- looks like the park is going to be a nice quiet place to take in the sunset. Bonus link: a set of renderings that show the original plan for the park-- apparently there was some cost-cutting and a few of the niceties were eliminated during the building phase.

All the pictures of the Beacon led us to do some pondering: where are the best daily outdoor lightshows in New York City? Here are our top 5:

1. Empire State Building
2. Rose Planetarium
3. Times Square
4. The Chrysler Building
5. The Constellation Ceiling at Grand Central

Does anyone have suggestions for some lesser known neon beauties?