Gothamist could not have been the first to think of "The X-Presidents" cartoons on Saturday Night Live when we saw the press conference where President Bush announced that his daddy and President Clinton would help raise funds for tsunami relief. Of course, a more power tableau was during the Clinton Presidential Library opening, because President Carter was also present, but in this instance, President Bush is calling upon ex-Presidents to fight for a good cause. We have to tip our hat to W's team, because there is something motivating to see his predecessors back in a sort of action.

The NY Times on the appointment, and a transcript of former Presidents Bush and Clinton on Larry King Live (they explained why they are helping raise funds and also banter a bit). Related: Officials are asking people to donate wisely, as in don't fall for telemarketers' calls; instead, donate directly to known charities. The SA Freedom Corps website has a list of NGOs and charities that are collecting money.

And for more about The X-Presidents, an archive of the cartoons (though it doesn't have clips), check out the book, and a Salon interview with Robert Smigel.