President-elect Donald Trump will continue to serve as Executive Producer on Celebrity Apprentice—a show responsible for the short-lived business careers of alleged celebrities like Tom Green, Teresa Giudice, Kate Gosselin, and Brandi Glanville—when he has time to spare from his other job as Chief Critic of Saturday Night Live. Folks, that's how easy Making America Great Again is, believe me.

Though Celebrity Apprentice tragically went on hiatus in 2015, NBC just can't resist a payday, and The New Celebrity Apprentice will return in January with host Arnold Schwarzenegger. And though the network "severed ties" with Trump after he called Mexicans "rapists, drug dealers and criminals" at the start of his presidential campaign, now that America's proven it's cool with a bigoted, predatory president, NBC is too.

As first reported by Variety, President Fucking Trump Are You Serious? Yes This Is Not A Dream will be paid an unspecified per-episode fee by MGM and not NBC. And while it's common knowledge that the title of "executive producer" is typically meaningless in Hollywood, the Post accurately points out that "it is unprecedented for a president to profit directly from an ongoing TV series while in office," not that anything makes any sense any more.

As for Trump's duties as Executive Producer, Kellyanne Conway says he'll have just as much time to oversee the show as Obama has to go golfing, since no president has ever golfed before, no sirree. "I mean, presidents have a right to do things in their spare time or their leisure time, I mean nobody objects to that," Conway told CNN.

Honestly, Trump making cash off of Vince Neil and Snooki (who'll be contestants on the show this season, lucky us) is probably the least of our worries, but it makes sense our President will profit off a reality show in a plotline on America's final season. And anyone worried about conflicts of interest should remember that what's good for MGM is good for America. Shut up, losers and haters.