The spirit of the holiday season has evidently already infected the King of the Combovers, Donald Trump. No, Trump hasn't suddenly grown an inner life, or decided to listen to the hundreds of thousands of people who don't want him to have anything to do with Macy's anymore—something even less likely has happened. Trump is giving President Obama two thumbs up: "Pres. Obama’s steady support of @Israel throughout this crisis helped stop the war. He did a good job," Trump tweeted. Look at the actual tweet below, lest it turns out Trump had hit that Birther bottle a bit too hard when he wrote it, and he decides to delete it.

Mind you, Trump has previously claimed, "I don’t hate the President at all. I just disagree with his policies!" despite the fact that every single thing he's said about Obama over the last couple years has absolutely proven that he hates the president—or, at the very least, enjoys the attention that trolling the president with his birther bullshit gives him.

And of course, nothing screams RESPECT like publicly extorting the president in the name of charity, politicizing Hurricane Sandy to attack Obama, and having a public temper tantrum/meltdown over the election results. But between the Israel/Hamas ceasefire and this, it truly is a day to dream big: