At yesterday's convocation ceremonies, Columbia University President Lee Bollinger told students that famous alumna and leader of the free world President Obama would be back at the school. But given Obama's recent lament about the loss of H&H, we're guessing he's just coming back for the revered poppy-seed bagels at Absolute Bagels.

The Columbia University Spectrum Tweeted, "Obama is coming back to town! Prezbo announced he is looking forward to hosting the alum in 2017." Later, Politico reported:

"Lee Bollinger’s comment at Convocation today that he was looking forward to welcoming back Columbia’s most famous alumnus only reiterated the May 12 statement by the Barack Obama Foundation that it 'intends to maintain a presence at Columbia University for the purpose of exploring and developing opportunities for a long term association' and reflected no further developments concerning President Obama’s plans."

White House deputy press secretary Jen Friedman also rolled back the idea that big news was being made, saying in a statement, "The President has long talked about his respect for Columbia University and his desire to continue working with them. However, at this point no decisions have been finalized about his post-Presidency plans."

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So either Bollinger has a big mouth or Obama is just going to just going to hang around campus and be the ultimate Helicopter Parent.