2008_11_busheye.jpgWow, President Bush is making sure he's getting in his NYC time leaving the White House--after visiting the city Tuesday for Veterans Day, he's back! This morning he spoke at the United Nations--a "high-level debate on interfaith dialogue"--and will head to Federal Hall to discuss the economy. According to the White House (hold on, it's a lot), "the President will review the origins of the financial crisis and observe the increased interconnectedness of the global financial marketplace; discuss the importance of making our markets more transparent; ensuring our markets are appropriately regulated, promoting integrity within the markets; and strengthening cooperation among the world's financial leaders; emphasize that free market capitalism, especially free trade, is still the best system to create economic growth and lift people out of poverty." This weekend the President will be meeting with foreign leaders for an economic summit. President-elect Obama is not attending, but his advisers will.