A sign posted in the window of a shop in the Newkirk Q/B subway station lists all the possible uses one might find for "designer flower." (We assume they don't mean "designer flour," in which case...they blew it.) But signs like this don't just get made out of nowhere. They take brainstorming:

Store Owner: OK gentleman, we have flowers. Now. What do people buy flowers for?

Assembled Staff, inexplicably waving pitchforks: FUNERALS!

Store Owner: Yes, yes, very good—funerals. Fritz, write that down. No, bigger. Come on Fritz, don't be shy—BIGGER. That's the stuff. Now. So far, we have "funeral" and "newborn". What else? What else do people need flowers for?

Long, pensive, pause. Finally, one man looks up, a spark of inspiration in his eye. "BABY!" he shouts

Staff/Crowd: (In enthusiastic unison) BABY!

Owner: Baby! Yes, well DONE! (Motions to Fritz to get writing.)

The staff/crowd sways, straining with thought: Bread? one man suggests meekly. Gravy? offers another. Churches!

Store Owner: Well, um, that's...weird. Also...no. No, people don't tend to buy flowers for...gravy. But! What happens when a baby gets older? What do we celebrate?

Staff/Crowd: A long silence befalls the crowd. Finally: MORE FUNERALS! (in unison)

Store Owner:Sighs heavily.

[Via Reddit]