Public space that's privately sponsored? Bryant Park's current operating model is apparently the source of some neighborhood trouble, as some people are aghast that a public park has so many corporate events and charges fees for its use. The NY Times counts there was Olympus Fashion Week, there are summer movies sponsored by HBO, its wireless is sponsored by Google and its ice skating rink, The Pond, is sponsored by Citi, not to mention various product launches. But Bryant Park receives no money from the city, and the park's revenues were $4.2 million last year, juts from user and restaurant fees! It seems fewer events will be approved in the future. And there's even mention that neighbors of Madison Square Park are upset with how many events are being planned there without their knowledge (is Danny Meyer a good neighbor?).

What do you think of Bryant Park and its sponsorships? Now, Gothamist loves the quiet of other city parks devoid of sponsorships, but Bryant Park is such a sliver of park so near Times Square, it would have been inevitable that some companies would try to get their foot in the door there somehow. Just as long as we can sit there in the warm weather months, we're happy. And besides, if parks uptown and in the outer boroughs could be cleaner and more frequented by virture of sponsorship, we imagine they'd jump at the chance.