The new year is a week old and we have yet to see any precipitation, but that is going to change this weekend. To our north is an immovable object, a giant high pressure system over northern Quebec and Labrador. To our south, an irresistible force in the form of a brewing storm system. That storm is going to move our way the next couple of days, but the stubborn Canadian high refusing to give way will set us up for a very rainy Sunday.

Before all that drama takes place we will have a cloudy afternoon with a chance of drizzle. It is just cool enough north of the city, from approximately Middletown, CT to Middletown, NY and even further west, that the drizzle could freeze and create dangerously slick conditions. More drizzle could happen tomorrow, but it should be warmer with a high in the upper 40s.

The temperature is likely to rise overnight on Saturday as the southern storm drags a lot of warm air northward. That warm air will ride up over the top of the cold air mass and that lift should be enough to give us a very rainy Sunday. A strong southerly breeze will warm us to the upper 50s and possibly even 60, which would tie the record for the date.

This isn't December 2015 though; any warmth will be swept away as the storm finally passes through the area. Look for next week to run somewhat cooler than normal with highs in the 30s and lows in the 20s. It is too soon for much confidence but we may see our first snow of the season next weekend.