It's a huge deal that the New York Rangers are headed to the Stanley Cup finals for the first time in two decades. But if you were planning to attend a game of this historic series in person, you may want to consider saving your cash for, say, Beyonce tickets or a deposit on an apartment—ticket prices are already hitting quadruple digits, and experts say they might even rival those for the Super Bowl.

Thanks to the cruel nature of sports event ticket-purchasing, most tickets for the series' Madison Square Garden games (3, 4 and potential 6) are available only though resale sites, where they can run an average of $2 to 3K-a-pop. According to resale site Tiqiq, the average price for the June 9th game is $2466; for June 11th, ticket prices are at an average $2915 each, and the ostensible final game on June 16th is priced at a madcap $3402 average. On StubHub, tickets for that game start at $1,420.50, and if you have any intention of being located in the vicinity of the rink's zip code, it'll run you $2 to $3K a seat. Feel free to sit ringside for $8K, dollar bills are mere slips of paper!

It is free to watch these games from the comfort of your own home, and a six-pack of beer runs about $11 in a Brooklyn bodega. A punching bag shaped like a Chicago Blackhawks or Los Angeles Kings fan will cost you about $70 extra.