A fancy Upper East Side girls’ school is mad a two grandmas, who it says are standing in the way of its expansion to a neighboring building. Both older women live in cheap rent-controlled apartments in 28 E. 92nd Street, and have for forty years. Nightingale-Bamford wants them out, and the women’s lawyer says it’s using mean girl tactics. "They are harassing two elderly women and trying to drive them out of their homes," said David Rozenholc. "I really believe they're heartless. They knew these elderly people lived there when they bought the building. I think it's terrible."

The school has planned a $5.3 million renovation to provide more space for its 560 elite students, reports the Post. In a petition filed last week in Manhattan Supreme Court Nightingale-Bamford claims that in order to stay in their bargain-priced apartments (one pay $1,043 a month for a one-bedroom and the other’s rent is $574 for a studio with a separate sleeping area) the old ladies have filed multiple inquiries about the plans "merely for the purposes of delay,"

So far the school—that charges yearly tuition of $33,000—has been successful at getting one 87-year-old tenant to leave: at first it offered her just $1,700, but when Marina Kimble hired a lawyer it gave her fair compensation to move into another apartment in the area.