A gunman in a white Cadillac Escalade opened fire on a Clinton Hill bodega last night, striking a pregnant woman and two men who were standing inside. The perp began shooting at the DeKalb Gourmet Deli near the corner of DeKalb Avenue and Kent Avenue at around 7 pm, hitting a 15-year-old boy in the arm and torso, a 20-year-old man in the leg, and a pregnant 24-year-old in the upper thigh.

The bodega's cashier told the Times that the pregnant victim appeared to be the most seriously injured. “It all happened in a second; it was just like one, two, and then everyone ran to the back,” said the employee, who in the aftermath of the shooting wrapped a towel around the woman's wound. “I was just scared about the lady. She kept on opening and closing her eyes. I said, ‘Just keep your eyes open.’"

The Daily News notes
that police have made no arrests, and it remains unclear who the gunman was intending to target in the drive-by. Though all of the victims are in stable condition, the Post reports that the pregnant victim is in a tough spot. According to the tabloid, without surgery, the woman might lose her leg — but if she goes under anesthesia, she could lose her baby.