This is rush hour craziness - and YIKES. A pregnant woman and her boyfriend were stabbed by a man on a C train after they were staring at him. It's unclear who started the "staring contest" or if the staring was menacing or who exhanged words, but they all got on a West 4th Street and the next thing that happened was that Bronx resident Edward Murphy got up and punched the woman in the head a few times. The Post reports that the boyfriend then defended her, only for Murphy to pull out a knife and stab the woman in the arm and then the boyfriend in the neck. Natually, the other passengers ran to the other end of the car. At 14th Street, the couple had chased Murphy out, with Murphy getting on a A train and dumping the knife on the tracks. The police arrested Murphy by 34th Street and say that the woman's pregnancy was not threatened. Yikes yikes yikes. The stereotype of New Yorkers being cold and aloof - looking off in the distance and not at each - might have something to it.