2006_10_taylorwythe.jpgA 19 year old woman was found dead in a bedroom of a Williamsburg apartment early yesterday morning. Nanika Brown was two months pregnant, and had been staying at her friend's apartment in the Taylor-Wythe Houses. Police found Brown shot in the head, laying in a bed. Neighbors said Brown seemed fine earlier in the day, but now it turns out the prime suspect is Brown's ex-boyfriend, Tariq Dixon, who also lived in the apartment.

According to the NY Times, Brown and Dixon had broken up but "remained friends" (the Daily News says that Dixon broke up with Brown when he found out she was pregnant). Dixon's mother asked her son to turn himself in, saying, "You ran, you got scared. You don't know how to face it, but by running you're making it worse." She also said that Tariq and another man had been "playing with a gun" that "went off."