One of the more upsetting recent medical malpractice cases going has come to an unsatisfying conclusion. For the past three years Mikhail Sorodsky, 63, has been in jail waiting to face charges that he posed as a cancer doctor who would not only swindle dying immigrants out of their money but would also sexually abuse them while he was at it. He remained locked up since there was no way he could pay his $33 million bail (the highest on record in the state). Jury selection for the case was supposed to begin this week but that's over now since Sorodsky has made a plea deal. And it's a doozy. His 102-count indictment has been reduced down to 20 charges and Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Guy Mangano yesterday set down a sentence of six years (three of which he's already served).

As you can imagine, the State Attorney General's office (which prosecuted the case) was not amused by this development: "As expressed in court, our office strongly disagrees with the sentence and is exploring all possible avenues to ensure this defendant will never harm others again," a spokesman said.

As part of his plea deal Sorodsky confessed in court to the 20 charges that remained—including first-degree rape and 11 counts of aggravated sexual abuse. You might recall that back when he was "practicing" the "doctor" would tell his victims that he could cure their cancer and then would slather them "in a probiotic yogurt, inserting the concotion into their genitalia, claiming they would be healed." He also raped at least one "patient" while she was sedated.

While Sorodsky does his time, the Attorney General's office has said that it will pursue civil confinement of the quack upon his release. Sorodsky has also agreed to 10 years of postrelease supervision and must register as a sex offender when he gets out. In 2014.