A 35-year-old man is suing a Benefit Cosmetics shop in Manhattan after he allegedly fell victim to an eyelash tint gone wrong, claiming the dye job left him with SEVERE BURNS under his eyes.

As the story goes, Manhattan resident Justin Reeves, 35, was gifted an eyelash tint at a Benefit Cosmetics Brows-A-Go-Go store on the Upper East Side by a friend on December 6th, just under a month before his wedding to Mario Espinoza. But grooming philosophy suggests you should give yourself plenty of time before doing anything new with your face before a big event, which is a lesson Reeves learned the hard way—the esthetician had never been trained to use the dye and failed to test it on his skin, according to court papers.

Apparently Reeves was warned that his eyes might feel "peppery" post dye-job, but Reeves likened that sensation to a jalapeno pepper, which is a whole other ballgame. And when Reeves told the esthetician he was in severe pain, she allegedly told him, "You see the pain we women go through?" Which, in all fairness, is true, considering we have to suffer through stuff like like childbirth and Gwyneth Paltrow.

Reeves awoke with pus in his eyes the next day and suffered from a burned cornea, according to court papers, and he's suing Benefit for $250K. It's unclear exactly why Reeves decided he needed said eyelash tint, since according to Facebook he has a pair of perfectly lovely eyelashes, but no one's here to judge. If anything, he did this blogger with blonde eyelashes a service by sharing this horror story with the tabloidverse, so thanks, Justin Reeves!