Toys in Babeland; Photo: Toys in Babeland

What is this city coming to? Gone are the days where porn was readily available, and now porn shops are only in some areas. One of those areas is the West Village, which may lose their porn shops too! Mayor Bloomberg, aka Pre-Raphaelite Shaolin, is looking to get rid of the 60/40 rule, which allows adult stores to be in residential areas and within 500 ft of schools or churches as long as 60% of the merchandise was not pornographic.

Sure, nobody wants a porn store in their backyard on their block, but where will they turn for their dirty needs? The New York Press thinks they might move across the river to New Jersey, taking precious sales revenue with them. They recommend regulation and taxation on the businesses.

Would the reversal of 60/40 do the same to the porn industry as the cigarette tax did to smokes? Will people buy porn across borders and make their own porn? Only time will tell.

No news on how it would affect Toys in Babeland (pictured above). Interesting, in our explorations, Gothamist found that Babeland even has a blog, the "Vulva Blog".