This year, over 112 public schools placed students on wait lists for their kindergarten programs, and last year the Daily News reported that getting into many Brooklyn pre-K programs were "tougher to get into than Harvard." Now, the News says getting into Brooklyn pre-K is even tougher than that.

The News reports that the economy has discouraged parents from putting their children in expensive private pre-Ks, but more and more parents are either moving to Brooklyn or staying there to raise their kids. As Joyce Szuflita of NYC School Help puts it, "It's a perfect storm for prekindergarten. There are more kids than ever, but not enough seats." This year Brooklyn's District 15, which includes Park Slope, Carroll Gardens, Cobble Hill and Boerum Hill, received 6,568 applications for 1,097 pre-K seats. They received about 1,000 more applications from last year for 36 fewer spots.

Mother Anna Piesanen, who couldn't find a spot for her youngest daughter, said, "This year is much worse than it was two years ago," when her son easily got into a slot at PS 10. "It's extremely challenging to get into these programs; everyone is moving to these neighborhoods." Well, where else can they drink and parent at the same time?