2006_10_alpirro.jpgFinally, Al Pirro speaks! The wheeler-dealer, who wife and Attorney General candidate Jeanine Pirro suspected of having an affair and found herself under federal investigation after discussing possibly bugging Al's boat, gives an interview to New York magazine, and boy, it's like "The Shaming of the Shrew." He really goes off on her! The Post and NY Times gives bits from the interview. For instance, Big Al says he wasn't having an affair - he was just looking for a friend! From the NY Times:

Mr. Pirro said he was looking only for companionship from the other woman. “There’s no harm in having a female friend. I think there’s a difference between being charming and holding yourself out as being available,” Mr. Pirro said, denying that he had done the latter.

“Do I think that I would like to have more attention at home?” he asked in the article. “Yeah. And, you know, if you’re not going to get attention at home, I think you really need to make some decisions about your future.”

Al also says that he didn't want her to run for higher office - and that her actions have changed their family's fortunes. From the Post:

"I didn't want her to run for anything," he said.

He also indicates she's responsible for landing him in jail on his tax case, saying it "probably would have been a civil adjustment if you weren't married to a district attorney."

He spent 11 months in jail for tax fraud and lost his lawyer's license.

"Look, the decisions that were made by her have a very significant negative impact on the economic status of our family," he bemoaned. "I tell Jeanine you can't enjoy the fruits of my hard work and destroy it at the same time."

Al also says he's upset about Jeanine's answering "Do you love your husband?" with statements about loving her whole family - never Al by name. Wow, if there was ever a couple that needed counseling! It's fascinating that Al Pirro gave the interview now - maybe it's to humanize himself, but it makes Jeanine sound terrible. Who knows with them.

And Jeanine Pirro and Democratic Attorney General candidate Andrew Cuomo are debating RIGHT NOW on WABC 7!