This morning, we were curious about a "prayer station" set up in the Times Square subway station. Were they praying for the MTA to fix platform gaps at the Times Square shuttle? Were they praying for the MTA to cool its squabble with a religious website whose URL is too close to the MTA's (mtainfo.com vs. mta.info)? More subway service in certain neighborhoods? No fare hike? Or were they praying for funding for the Second Avenue subway?

We didn't get to find out, because we got distracted by an argument with a transit employee who told us we couldn't take photographs in the subway. After a few volleys of "Photography is allowed" and "No, it's not" (and a few people told the employees photography was allowed, too), we decided to pray for this BS to be over and carried on with our commute.

And photography is allowed. For now. Here's more information on photographer's rights from photobloggers.org Wiki.