Yesterday may not have been hotter than Monday, but when you've got stifling heat for two days straight, it's all around sucky. Add to that power outages on subways, at airports, and in neighborhoods, and you've got some very cranky New Yorkers. Parts of Queens had limited power last night and were asked to "lay off non-essential appliances" today, and the N/R/W trains were out for a while, and even City Hall turned off some of the lights. Now, Gothamist remembered that Con Ed claimed there would be enough power for this summer some time last week; Con Ed blamed yesterday's problems on "isolated glitches," but the NY Sun has an editorial about the city's energy plans - and how Mayor Bloomberg blocked a proposal to enhance the city's energy infrastructure with another plant. Thank goodness for the cold front coming in.

2006_07_subwait.jpgOf course, all this makes you wonder how our 102 year old subway system can deal with the weather. One person told the Times, "Every time there's something out of kilter with the weather, something goes wrong with the underground," and it does seem true. Gothamist wonders if there's some temperature or heat index magic number (95 degrees?) that once the city hits it, things go awry, with subway track warping and power outages. am New York looks at "extreme heat" affects the subway - NYC Transit has 220 power substations, making the NYC subways the biggest consumer of electricity in the city. At any rate, we hope you've been able to beat the heat. Our fingers are crossed that subway commutes are more manageable today.

Photograph of sunbathers in Union Square Park by Frank Franklin II/AP; photograph of subway riders, many from the 1/2/3 line, waiting for a B or C by Jen Chung