No derailments this time, but once again NJ Transit and Amtrak trains between New York and New Jersey are having some serious troubles. The problem this go round? They ain't got no power in the tunnels! Which means that Some people are not having a good commute at all.

The cause of the power outage is still being worked out but it seems to have struck while four trains were in the tunnel between the states. At the moment we're told that Amtrak and NJ Transit are in the process of using diesel rescue trains to pull the stuck trains into stations.

The trains may not have power, but they do still seem to have Internet service, as can be seen in tweets coming out of them. Like this gem: "Thank you NJ Transit and Amtrak for allowing me to experience how the Chilean Miners felt. #stuckinthetunnel appreciate the crew though!"

Right now NJ Transit trains are facing delays of up to 30 minutes as only a single track is available into the city. Further, Midtown Direct trains are being diverted to Hoboken. At the moment PATH trains are honoring NJ Transit tickets and passes.

Update: As of 11:30 a.m. it appears that all four trains have been pulled out of the tunnel, with two being taken back to Jersey and two being pulled into Penn Station.