With Sandy's winds whipping into the city Con Edison is getting serious about maybe cutting off power to more than 6,500 customers in low-lying areas of Lower Manhattan. We hear they've just run robocalls about a shut off while still saying they "not 100% definite" anything will happen. But that doesn't mean that more than 3,600 customers around the city aren't without power already—including 1,103 customers in Sheepshead Bay. And let's not forget about Long Island!

Customers in lower Manhattan started getting calls from Con Ed on Saturday, warning them that power could be shut off; many of those customers recalled how it took days to regain utilities after Hurricane Irene. As of 2 p.m. today, Queens had the most customers out (1,442) with Brooklyn (1,170) not too far behind and Staten Island (567), the Bronx (163) and Manhattan (1) rounding out the list. But things could change very quickly. In addition to lower Manhattan "ConEd is also monitoring other vulnerable sections of Brighton Beach, Flushing and Jamaica for potential shut-downs, too."

Things are already much worse outside of the city: The Long Island Power Authority is reporting more than 17,000 customers without electricity.

So, what to do if your power gets cut off? Turn off all lights and appliances to prevent a circuit overload when power is restored.