2005_07_closedsign.jpgWhile Con Ed was happy to have hit a record number of megawatts on Tuesday without blackouts, yesterday's cooler weather actually did bring some brownouts Brooklyn and Queens. The NY Times spoke to Con Ed, which said 150 homes and businesses lost power. Con Ed can't quite explain what happened (burned wires). The article focuses on what happened in Fort Greene (Corona and Sunset Park were the other neighborhood affected), with one owner frustrated because at least during the 2003 Blackout, everyone else was affected, whereas no one knew what he was going through yesterday. Gothamist liked how people in the neighborhood went to one business that still had power to charge their cellphones. Gotta stay connected!

On the other end of Con Ed news, the state decided that Con Ed should pay the family of Jodie Lane, the graduate student killed when she was electrocuted on slushy East 11th Street in January 2004, $9.6 million, plus another $1 million for a scholarship in her name.