Seriously, you don't want to be driving today. Reports are coming in steadily from across town that many streets are still not plowed and, to make matters worse, many of the city's 1,700 snow plows are stuck in drifts throughout the five boroughs (sigh). But don't worry, Mayor Bloomberg promises it'll all be cleaned up soon enough and that despite our budget woes the city has the money to pay for everything (related: did you know snow cleanup generally costs the city $1 million per inch?).

In the meantime, we've noticed a lot of people just giving up on the sidewalks altogether and walking in the middle of the streets where the drifts are smaller. Is that happening everywhere?

And how is the snow on your block? Have you been plowed? Let us know in the comments or via e-mail ( and we'll try and work up a map later today. And if you've got any good photos of snow traffic, please do send them our way ( or tag them "Gothamist" on flickr.