If you've ever traveled on NJ Transit or Amtrak from Penn Station, you've no doubt gazed longingly (or glared angrily) up at the big board of departures, eagerly awaiting your train's track number to appear before throwing yourself into the mob of commuters. Now things have changed: Crews put an end to the board by turning it off on Monday and covered it up as the train station moves to new, smaller LCD displays.

The AP reports, "On Tuesday, it was a dark hulk, replaced with 40 eye-level digital panels scattered around the station. An Amtrak team will dismantle the sign within a week." There's currently a "mourning" tarp on it:

The now-departed board was a combination of digital and analog which, in 2002, replaced an old-fashioned Solari board.

The 30th Street Station in Philadelphia had a Solari board, beloved for its oddly gratifying clacking sounds, until last year:

Last October, Amtrak's Mike DeCataldo told the Bergen Record that the old "terminal complex presents a unique set of logistical and physical challenges — some of which we believe this new system will help to address." The old board will be fully dismantled and removed this week, mostly overnight.