Public restroom

Remember way back in December of 2003 when the City Council started talking about "Potty Parity?" No? How about when the bill nearly got dropped because the NY Nightlife Association was worried about the costs of assuring that all new bathroom facilities be built with a 1:2 ratio of sit-down toilets favoring women?

Well, those days are in the past. Welcome to the age of Potty Parity (Post headline: "WEE VICTORY SITING WELL WITH LADIES"). Though the law got signed by Bloomberg back in September, the first effects off it are just now starting to kick in.

Starting with the new Wolfgang's Steakhouse on Greenwich Street all new or renovated public spaces, that includes "stadiums, theaters, dance halls, convention centers and drinking establishments," must have two sit-down toilets for women for every one for men. About time we say.