Public restroom

It was too good to be true: The proposed bill that would give women more bathrooms than men, inspired by the long lines seen at concerts, sporting events, and bars, faces opposition due to the costs. City Council is proposing that any new construction with men's and women's bathrooms would need to be designed with a 1:2 ratio of men's to women's facilities, whereas existing restrooms would be redesignated to fit the ratio. The NY Nightlife Association, bruised from the Mayor's smoking ban, argues, "This could cost tens of millions of dollars" and that the legislation should only apply to places where people go to the bathroom at the same time, like during intermission of a play, because "this is not a problem in the average bar." The Nightlife Association also points out that many nightclubs have unisex bathrooms.

Gothamist thought the best part of the Post's article was how Brooklyn Councilwoman Yvette Clarke, co-sponsor of the bill, disagreed but "admitted she hasn't frequented bars and clubs as often as she used to since being elected to office." She said, "I think we can all agree that when you're standing in a line there's nothing more serious at that moment than answering that call." City residents are so lucky that we have people on the City Council fighting the good fight for us. See the bill's introduction here. Of course, Gothamist is in support of more women's bathrooms, or at least more stalls in women's bathrooms. The problem is that women's clothes tend to be more complicated - sometimes there's pantyhose involved - and sometimes there are other matters to tend to, but other than that, it seems most women swarm to the mirrors to primp and gossip.

Gothamist on the bill's introduction.