Public toiletsNew Yorkers may have a new place to do their business, as the City Council will vote tomorrow on the Mayor's proposal to authorize construction of 20 public toilets. Newsday reports: Each will cost about $200,000 and pedestrians will have to pay "a nominal fee" not more than a dollar, according to Deputy Mayor Dan Doctoroff. More toilets could be added later.

Whereas formers mayors Giuliani and Dinkins tried to get public toilets on the streets (in large numbers), Bloomberg and the City Council are working surprisingly amicably together, probably to make sure the huge advertising revenue possible from this "street furniture" will come to fruition. J.C. Decaux is one of the more popular paying and self-cleaning public toilet "street furniture" manufacturers, with toilets in France and around U.S. cities like San Francisco and Chicago.

Gothamist is awaiting more information from the mayor's site, as one of our constant worries is that there are only so many Starbucks and Barnes & Noble around for relief. But in the meantime, go see Urinetown, which is about an evil corporation that takes over the city's toilets.