Gothamist always likes a gun bust where the NYPD gets to pose in front of the cache of weapons found, but yesterday's gun bust was like Christmas morning: A gun bust of over 100 firearms including an arrest of one of the dealers sitting in a porta-potty with 17 guns! The gun runners had concocted a scheme to meet the detectives (undercover, for "Operation Tripod") in one location and tell them the guns would be at the porta-potty, but the police were able to bust all of them. The NYPD is very pleased with the arrests, as the unusual thing is that this gun ring was based in Ohio (which, among Virginia, Pennsylvania and North Carolina, is where most of the illegal guns come from), and cops usually just arrest the middlemen in NYC. Police Commissioner Ray Kelly continued to emphasize the harm of illegal weapons - 72% of guns in NYC crimes are from out of state.

The police also seized 23 guns from the Crips last week in Brooklyn.