2006_02_pothole.jpgGothamist loves investigative and interactive journalism - especially when it involves potholes. After the city announced its pothole blitz for this year, the Daily News decided to call 311 about a two foot long pothole at West 16th and 8th Avenue last Friday. And then on Sunday, there was still no word. Today, the News pronounces the pothole fixed, "four days, 1 hour and 35 minutes" later. That just leaves about 1200 more to go! The Department of Transportation says that 98% of potholes are filled within 30 days, and when Gothamist listened to the Mayor's radio show, he credited the weather with being pretty good for potholes this year (less snow means less moisture to bulid up; he did, however, say that New Yorkers should complain to DoT Commissioner Weinshall and not him).

WABC 7 looked at the filling of some potholes - and talked to some drivers who say they are changing their tires 2 or 3 times a year. Ouch.