If it's mild, then the Department of Transportation is attacking potholes. It's time for the Pothole Blitz, and the DOT asks that you let them know, either by going to their site or calling 311 about potholes or other street repairs that need to be tended to. The Daily News went on a job with a DOT repair crew and shows how filling potholes is difficult: "Almost every repair is the same: A pothole is swept; a hot, tar-like cement is poured in for primer; asphalt is shoveled in, and the patch is tamped down." Crews can cover 20-30 potholes in a morning, depending on their locations. Be nice to the crews, they're helping all us out by working overtime to make sure roads are better.

Gothamist previously on potholes. And, pedestrians, keep your eyes on the sidewalk as it wasn't pothole, it was more a sidewalk cut, a gaping 4" by 16" hole that Gothamist tripped on. Luckily, Gothamist has the reflexes of an old, arthritic cat, so we got up after wondering for a moment what happened, dusted ourselves off, and limped home, contemplating suing the apartment building that had ignored it.