In a follow-up to one of Gothamist's favorite stories, it turns out that Julie Diaco, who was arrested while an NYU freshman for dealing pot out of her dorm room, will get probation. Diaco held up her end of a deal from September 2004: Completing a rehab program at Clear View and being clean for 18 months. Of course, back when the deal was arranged, people attributed the leniency to her family's wealth - after all, dealing coke, pot, LSD, mushrooms and more is a big deal - especially when it was obvious she was running a thriving business and happened that she was carrying pot and a scale when selling to undercover cops. Her lawyer said that Diaco is "is a very different person than she was 18 months ago" and attends a community college in NJ. Julie, we wish you well - maybe you'll find your way helping other drug offenders or addicts.

The Post officially dubs her the "Pot Hottie," noting that she was wearing knee-high leather stiletto boots and a pin-striped suit. And while a reminder about the "pot princess" is probably what NYU doesn't want to hear, it's crowing about being the number 1 "dream school" of college applicants for the third year in a row.